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Barsky/Haase Residence

Barsky/Haase Residence

Los Angeles, California

This 385 sqft addition attaches itself onto the rear of an existing quaint Spanish-style house in the Melrose area of Los Angeles, CA.  The modernist character of the addition creates a harmonious and elegant connection between old and new.  The clients’ program consisted of a master bedroom suite that made a connection with the rear-yard of the property, and a pool. This program takes full advantage of the year-round outdoor opportunities enabled by the temperate southern California climate.  The client’s request was simple, “I want to roll out of bed and into the pool.”   One serious problem posed by the property was that it was plagued with an extra large detached garage with an illegal rental unit, resulting in a very small backyard that was disconnected from the house.  To make room for the pool, Assembledge+ reduced the width of the garage and flattened the pitch of the roof.  Then the rear of the house was torn down, turning one bedroom into a den and adding a hallway, closet, master bath, and– one step down-the new master bedroom.   The room flirts with the yard with a polished concrete floor continuing into the outdoor decking and a transparent wall of glass that slides open to provide an unobstructed view of the rear yard, allowing the pool and landscape to spill into the bedroom.  Assembledge+ designed the structure of the addition to have a cantilevered foundation so that box would appear to float off the ground.   On a very limited budget, Assembledge+ tried to take very simple materials and make them unique.  The exterior skin of the addition is a standard material, stucco, and was translated into a lively material by creating a vertically combed finish that allows for a dynamic play of light and shadow as the sun moves along the surface.

Project Team
Architect: Assembledge+ | David Thompson (Principal in Charge)
Structural Engineer: Insight Structural Engineers, Brent Blackman
Contractor: Above Board Construction, Forrest Poorman

Photo Credit
All photos were taken by Michael Weschler Photography

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