Since its founding, Assembledge+ has been pursuing an architecture that is driven by a commitment to collaboration and craftsmanship with the goal of creating enduring environments that are user-focused, innovative, and sustainable.

Design Values

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration, at a minimum, is a practical necessity of architecture.  For Assembledge+, it is a core element of our creative process, not only within the studio, but also with our professional partners and clients.

  • Expansion of Space and Landscape

    We conceive of architecture as encompassing all parts of a building site – interior, exterior, and in between.  In this view, the edge of a property and the views beyond are no less important than the so-called exterior walls and windows.  The building is not simply an object in a landscape.  The intent of Assembledge+ is always to create a unified arrangement of all spaces.

  • Procession and Connection

    For us, the open floor plan does not necessarily mean a wide-open, undifferentiated space.  The idea, instead, is to have flexibility in modulating connections and adjacencies.  How would we like to move from one area to another?  Where will we pause and congregate?   When we occupy one space, what will we perceive from another?

  • Material and Digital

    Our work may be characterized as warm modernism – a vocabulary favoring form, an embrace of the sunlight, and a core material palette of architectural essentials such as western cedar, oak, concrete, glass, and terrazzo. Architecture is always first conceived in an interplay of vision, conversation, ink, physical models, and, increasingly, digital tools.  With detailed digital models and the use of realistic virtual reality, we can iteratively approach the optimal solution for every project.

  • Sustainability

    Creating enduring environments that are designed responsibly and sustainably are hallmarks of our design culture. We believe it is the architect’s responsibility to preserve and even improve the environment through well-considered design and innovative, sustainable strategies including alternative energy sources, resource management, and sustainably harvested materials. Assembledge+ is committed to the AIA 2030 challenge, actively working towards meeting the goal of creating carbon-neutral buildings by 2030.

  • Restraint

    Restraint is an essential element of our design approach. This is not only an aesthetic preference.  Restraint imbues our projects with a sense of timelessness and thereby also enduring value.