Since its founding, Assembledge+ has pursued architecture driven by a commitment to collaboration and craftsmanship to create enduring environments that are user-focused, innovative, and sustainable environments.

Design Values

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is an essential cornerstone of architecture, serving as a practical imperative. At Assembledge+, this principle is a central tenet of our creative methodology, fostering synergies not solely within our studio, but also encompassing our esteemed professional associates and valued clients.

  • Expansion of Space and Landscape

    We conceive of architecture as encompassing all parts of a building site – interiors, exteriors, and the transitional spaces in between. In this view, the edge of a property and the views beyond are no less important than the so-called exterior walls and windows. The building is not simply an object in a landscape. The overarching aim of Assembledge+ consistently revolves around crafting a harmonious composition of all spatial domains.

  • Procession and Connection

    In our perspective, the concept of an open floor plan does not solely entail an expansive and undifferentiated area. The idea, instead, is to have flexibility in modulating connections and adjacencies. How do we envision transitioning between distinct areas? Where do moments of pause and congregation naturally emerge? What vistas and interactions will unfold from adjacent areas when we inhabit a specific space?

  • Material and Digital

    Our work may be characterized as warm modernism, a lexicon that esteems refined forms, welcomes the caress of sunlight, and relies on a foundational material palette comprising elements like western cedar, oak, concrete, glass, and terrazzo. Architecture is always first conceived in an interplay of vision, conversation, ink, physical models, and, increasingly, digital tools. Through intricate digital models and the integration of lifelike virtual reality, we have the capacity to methodically pursue the finest resolution for each project through iterative refinement.

  • Sustainability

    Crafting lasting spaces that epitomize conscientious and sustainable design stands as a cornerstone of our design ethos. We are steadfast in the belief that architects shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding and enhancing the environment through meticulous design and the implementation of forward-thinking sustainable tactics. This encompasses harnessing alternative energy sources, adeptly managing resources, and consciously selecting materials sourced through sustainable practices. Assembledge+ is committed to the AIA 2030 challenge, actively working towards meeting the goal of creating carbon-neutral buildings by 2030.

  • Restraint Holds Value

    Exercising restraint constitutes a fundamental aspect of our design philosophy. This principle extends beyond mere aesthetic inclination. Instead, it infuses our projects with a timeless quality, thereby enhancing their enduring significance.