Barsky/Haase Residence

Located in the Melrose area of Los Angeles, California, Barsky/Haase Residence is a 385-square-feet addition attached to the rear of an existing quaint Spanish-style house. Client’s brief was simple: “I want to roll out of bed into the pool.”

The modernist character of the building creates a harmonious and elegant connection between old and new. The building was overendowed into one department: a massive detached garage bloated in the 50’s illegal rental unit. To make room for the pool, the garage’s girth was reduced, and the pitched roof was flattened.

The program consists of a master bedroom suite, functioning as a connection between the rear-yard of the property, and a pool, taking the full advantage of the year-round outdoor opportunities enabled by the temperate southern California climate. The room engages with the outdoors area through a polished concrete floor that continues into the deck. A transparent wall of glass that slides open provides an unobstructed view, allowing the pool and landscape to spill into the bedroom.

While attached to the house, the house’s polished-concrete floors continue into the decking and the transparent wall of sliding glass offers an obstructed view. Because the foundation was pulled back, the chocolate-brown box appears almost to float.

The exterior skin of the addition includes a standard material ­­– stucco – translated into a lively material by creating a vertically combed finish that allows for a dynamic play of light and shadow as the sun moves along the surface.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 385 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge)

Photography: Michael Weschler