gNet Headquarters

gNet, an award-winning creative marketing agency, and entertainment production company commissioned Assembledge+ to create a new headquarters space in Los Angeles, California. The goal was to create a new workspace that would serve as a hub for gNet and s advance the company’s creativity and innovation.

Spanning an entire second floor of the Directors Guild of America building, the office encompasses 11,000 square-feet of space, providing 360 degrees views of Los Angeles.

The plan includes open floor work areas and flexible spaces that can shrink and swell as production process demands. The implementation of sliding glass doors allows the workplace to be completely open, fostering a fully transparent and collaborative culture, or private if needed. Glass enclosed, private offices are located across the hallway from the conference room, surrounded by a series of independent work stations.

A clean palette of white walls, exposed concrete, mechanics and rail pendant lighting enhance simple, industrial aesthetic and contribute to the sense of openness.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Completion: 2013

Size: 11,000 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal in Charge), Gregory Marin

Photography: Michael Weschler