Greentree Residence

Located in Rustic Canyon, this 5,000 square-feet residence plays with the notion of an iconic house shape and its formal relationship.

The sequence of circulating through the living areas of the house is carefully choreographed to allow for a different experience of the site, breaking the traditional front yard, back-year distinction, and allowing for transparency. The direct connection between the kitchen and carved courtyard on the side of the dinning area provides a sense of expansion, elongating the interior to the exterior.

The living room leads to a covered patio outside, featuring a firepit and overlooking a pool. The master bedroom situated directly above the outside patio features a carved ceiling and skylights to fill the room with natural light.

The organic, natural broken pattern of the two-story volume structure breaks up the rectilinear forms and maximizes the connection with the landscape.

Location: Rustic Canyon, Los Angeles, California

Size: 5,000 sf

Design Team:  David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Wendy Gilmartin