Rayneta Residence

The conceptual design for the Rayneta Residence proposes a new four stories house that will integrate itself into the lush hillside area of Sherman Oaks, California. The design ties two lots on which the property is located into one, thereby increasing the lot coverage and residential floor area.

The spatial transitions and configuration of the floor plan have been inspired by symmetry and perspective values of the Palladian architecture, creating a sense of discovery as one moves through different levels and spaces. The implementation of a Mashrabiya screen responds to the need for privacy along the front fa├žade facing Rayneta Drive and additionally provides a filtered light quality that floods the interior spaces.

A natural water feature meandering down from the second floor and disappearing into the landscape marks the entry to the house from the street. The living and dining areas, located on the third floor open themselves to the rear yard, creating a visual and physical extension to the rolling landscape at the rear of the house. Programmed transparency achieved through the implementation of full-height glass walls and sliding pocket allows for uninterrupted flow and connection to the exterior.

The outside is comprised of natural building materials such as wood and rammed earth which harmonizes the building with the surrounding lush typography.

Location: Sherman Oaks, California

Size: 4,000 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Raul Aguilera