Laurel Hills Residence Featured in Dwell

Dwell Escapes: An Architect’s Matte Black Los Angeles Home Opens Wide to the Great Outdoors

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WATCH | NBC’s ‘Open House’ Features Laurel Hills Residence

Tune in to NBC Los Angeles (Channel 4) to get an exclusive tour of the Laurel Hills Residence, a single-story home that blurs the line between inside and out – in its open spaces, glass walkways, and its very materiality.

Saturday, November 7 @3 pm

YouTube Premiere: Thursday, November 12 | Open House NYC: Sunday, November 15


David Thompson Serves as Juror for ‘SafeHouse’ Design Competition

Assembledge+ Principal and Founder, David Thompson will serve as a juror for the ‘SafeHouse’ design competition. The homeless student population has climbed in recent years. Nearly 1.5 million public school students stated that they were homeless at some point during the academic year of 2017-18. The ‘SafeHouse’ competition addresses this critical issue and proposes to design a living facility for children who face homelessness due to various reasons. The aim is not just to provide temporary shelter, but to provide a sense of community such that individuals maintain their self identity.

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Laurel Hills Residence Receives Honorable Mention in the 2020 Architecture MasterPrize Awards

The Laurel Hills Residence was selected by the Architecture MasterPrize Jury as an Honorable Mention in the 2020 Architecture MasterPrize, Residential Architecture – Single Family Category. 

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Laurel Hills Residence Wins L.A. Business Council Award

The LABC honored the Laurel Hills Residence with an award in the L.A. Business Architectural Awards, Single Family Housing Category.

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Laurel Hills Residence Shortlisted in the Design Awards

design et al shortlisted the Laurel Hills Residence for Residential Property Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards.

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Laurel Hills Residence Named as a Finalist in GRAY Awards

Gray Magazine announced the list of finalists of the 2020 GRAY Awards, selecting the Laurel Hills Residence as a finalist in the Residential Architecture category.

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Laurel Hills Residence Featured in DIGS

Natural Connection: In the foothills of Laurel Canyon, the founder of Assembledge+ created an inviting family home in complete harmony with its surroundings.

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Affordable Housing Solutions Featured in Los Angeles Magazine

Assembledge+ proposes a concept that builds upon and enhances existing financing approaches and support systems, combined with existing alley revitalization programs that transform underutilized alleys where they exist, into multi-purpose community assets.

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Laurel Hills Residence Featured in Enki

‘Step Into a Structural World of Creative Vision’

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