A successful Assembledge+ project begins by thorough engagement with people and place, establishing a program that addresses needs and integrates aesthetic and contextual imperatives.

Firm Profile

Since its founding, Assembledge+ has been pursuing an architecture that is driven by a commitment to collaboration and craftsmanship with the goal of creating enduring environments that are user-focused, innovative and sustainable.

We believe in the art of collaboration.

The name Assembledge+ was deliberately chosen to convey the firm’s passion for “assembling” all the often-complex elements of the design process in order to produce an architecture that is precise, considered, and of exceptional quality. The + signifies an approach that looks at the whole as an inextricable combination of interrelated parts and that architecture is more than drawings and an arrangement of building materials.  It includes the process of collaboration with owners, specialist consultants, and builders. It also includes ongoing exploration and innovation – programmatic, aesthetic, and technological – in pursuit of optimal, customized solutions for every project.


Founded and led by David Thompson, AIA, Assembledge+ offers to every project, large or small, high levels of design sensitivity, technical expertise, and hands-on principal involvement.

Our work may be characterized as warm modernism – a vocabulary favoring legibility of form, an embrace of the sunlight, and a core material palette of architectural essentials such as western cedar, oak, concrete, glass, and terrazzo.



Our approach to architecture is situated within a contemporary modern design, particularly rooted in the Southern California tradition and climate.  This is an architecture that is attuned to its environment and that supports and nourishes the people for whom it, in turn, is also the environment.

We take for granted that no formula can be applied indiscriminately, irrespective of specifics.  Instead, we adhere to an architecture of pragmatic response, whereby each project is approached according to its particular character.

Our design process begins with questions. What is the program and the intent?  What is the aspiration?  These conversations are informed by a thorough analysis of the site – both of the property itself and of the neighboring community, and the client’s specific needs and aspirations.  The resulting architecture, then, combines these imperatives with materials, technology, craftsmanship, and form.

Creating enduring environments that are designed responsibly and sustainably have been hallmarks of the firm’s design culture, relying on classic strategies for the Southern California climate such as good exposure to sun and ventilation, well-insulated walls, and shaded interior courtyards; collapsing the boundary between interior and exterior; extending living spaces to the exterior.