Ignacio Bruni

Ignacio Bruni

Project Designer

Ignacio, a native of Caracas, Venezuela, embarked on a journey to the United States in pursuit of his dream to become an architect.

Ignacio possesses a wealth of experience across diverse sectors, including residential, commercial, and public infrastructure. Engaged in every phase of project development, he demonstrates a keen interest in detail production and the seamless coordination of consultants.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the esteemed University of Florida, where his passion for architectural research studies blossomed. Ignacio firmly believes in the transformative power of architecture to create a more equitable world, infusing his work with a deep commitment to social responsibility.

Driven by his vision and dedication, Ignacio continuously seeks innovative approaches to design and construction, always striving for excellence. His profound understanding of architectural principles and desire to improve communities through thoughtful design positions Ignacio as an invaluable asset in shaping the built environment.