Beverly Grove

Project Desciption

Nestled in the verdant Hollywood Hills and perched at the end of a road sits the Beverly Grove Residence, a two-story, modestly sized 2,538 sq ft home.

Assembledge+ was approached to redesign the exterior of the project and reimagine its material palette.

Viewing the building envelope as a canvas, the exterior palette brings together texture, warmth and harmony, while nevertheless playing with the notion of contrast and separation.

A horizontal Extira bellyband separates the home into two portions. The lightly painted Extira panels on the lower portion ground the residence and transition into the upper portion, composed of Wester Red Cedar siding, connecting the architecture with the natural environment, and bringing in color and warmth. Black fascia and metal reveals magnify the material contrast and give the impression of a roof that floats in the air.

The ‘material separation’ allows the lower floor to pop up and with the use of large sliding doors, extends the living area into the outdoor patio and pool, creating an indoor-outdoor entertainment area. Similar transparency continues upstairs, where a primary bedroom extends to the south-facing deck, allowing one to enjoy the vistas of the City of Los Angeles.






Location: Beverly Hills, California

Size: 2,536 sq

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Ignacio Bruni

Construction: Collaborative LA

Interiors: Henrybuilt

Landscape: Fiore Landscape Design