Project Desciption

Located on a narrow site of San Fernando Valley, the Hesby Residence is a two-story structure on grade with a basement, comprised of stacked rectangular volumes.

The open floor plan provides indoor-outdoor connection, enhanced by large sliding glass doors and floor to ceiling windows that allow for transparency and maximized views to the pool and side yards.

Downstairs, a linear movement connects the living spaces, while the upper floor is reserved for sleeping quarters and an office, featuring full height windows allowing for plenty of natural light and views to the exterior. A roof deck provides the opportunity for a 360-degree views of the valley and distant mountains views to the North.

The exterior material palette consists of vertical wood siding, metal and horizontal brick finishes, and full height glazing on both levels to connect the exterior and interior spaces visually and physically






Location: North Hollywood, California

Size: 5,270 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Raul Aguilera, Ignacio Bruni