Neighborhood Integration

Project Desciption

The Rear Projections concept builds upon and enhances existing financing approaches and support systems, including the current County-wide Pilot program which financially incentivizes single-family homeowners to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and allow a homeless person to occupy that unit.

The concept also proposes to link with existing alley revitalization programs that transform underutilized alleys where they exist, into multi-purpose community assets with a range of benefits, including stormwater capture and infiltration, recreation and green space, and pedestrian passageways, contributing to community pride and neighborhood revival

Two Unit types – both designed to fit on the footprint of a standard garage (20 x 20) – are initially proposed; a two-story 650SF unit with ground floor kitchen/bath/living area and a sleeping loft for small families and a single floor studio unit (500SF) to accommodate the elderly and/or disabled.

The unit design is based on a prefabricated, flat-packed, customizable system that can be easily configured and adapted, offering residents the ability to claim their space as their own, reflect their demographic and lifestyle, as well as adjust to differing needs, whether for one person or several. Exterior materials can be adapted to work within their surrounding context. Units are designed to interface with each other, offering the potential for creating outdoor social spaces.




“Can smart architects short-circuit opposition to affordable and permanent supportive housing? “

–  Los Angeles Magazine





Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 500 and 600 sf

Design Team: David Thompson, Richard Thompson, Greg Marin, Scott Nusinow