Haldeman Residence

Situated in the hills of Rustic Canyon, this residence is a treehouse on the hilltop; respecting and responding to the site by its subdued verticality and emphasized horizontality.

Originally built in 1923, remodeled in 1937 by Richard Neutra and again remodeled in 1993, the disjoined nature of the Post-Modern house needed to be tamed and the volumes unified.

The entire home, interior and exterior, is wrapped in western red cedar planks. The indoor-outdoor application of the material creates a seamless integration of the home into the landscape. Where it had previously felt like a castle on top of the hill, the home now emerges organically from the ground itself. Brick, cork, ebonized oak and black metal round out the palette, contrasting and complimenting the cedar:

The master suite sits high above the dense foliage and treetops of the serene canyon neighborhood. Floor to ceiling windows provide Pacific Ocean views, while the master bath features a full height sliding door with a starfire glass interior railing. When open, the bathroom gives the impression as precariously hanging on the edge of a cliff. The entire suite feels both private and expansive; an otherworldly “getaway” while also providing the most intimate comforts of life.

Nestled into the canyon, the slop of the hill runs perpendicular to the siting of the house.

An infinity pool at the rear yard overlooks the canyon and beyond, reaching to the distant horizon. Terraces and porches visually extend interior spaces into the landscape.

Location: Pacific Palisades, California

Size: 7,225 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Mitchell Streichhirsch, Ralul Aguilera, Can Jiang

Interior Design: Jamie Bush + Co