Project Desciption

Working closely with Sustainable Restaurant Group, Assembledge+ helped to create the look, feel, and layout of new locations for QuickFish – a healthy fast-casual chain of poke and rice bowl restaurants.

To translate QuickFish’s identity into physical form, Assembledge+ developed a brand guide to serving as a blueprint for future developments, encompassing buildouts, including floor plan layouts, kitchen designs, material palettes, lighting, and furniture. Custom fixtures such as signage, waste bins, and water stations were designed to set the concept apart.

The material palette is refined, elevated, and bold, consisting of charred wood siding, blackened steel, and white oak with accents of vibrant blues and greens. The centerpiece of the spaces is the service counter, building off of a core brand element that emphasizes the meticulous assembly of food made with high-quality ingredients. Clad in a unique, striking type of black and white veined marble known as Kenya Black, the counter is designed with the ergonomics of customer experience as an equal priority.

A custom, modular feature wall, inspired by the traditional Japanese woodworking technique of kumiko, can be adapted to the requirements of any potential space. The perforated oak modules are of varying depth and aperture, revealing an LED backlight that subtly shifts color over time, matching with the pattern to create a sense of dynamism.








“A casual experience bringing sustainable seafood to everyone’

–  Quickfish








Location: Portland, Oregon

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Scott Nusinow (Project Architect), Jooyoung Chung

Portland Location Build-Out: Acme

Photography: Dina Avila and Courtesy of QuickFish