South Beverly Grill

Project Desciption

The Hillstone Restaurant Group, known for its portfolio of upscale dining establishments such as Houston’s, Bandera, and Café R+D, has established a distinguished presence across the nation. Marking their debut in Beverly Hills, they have chosen a location within a charming existing 1940’s structure situated on a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented street.

Inside the restaurant, the character is shaped by the warm embrace of reclaimed wood ceiling beams, harmoniously balanced with a selection of sumptuous, deep-toned materials. Rich walnut and cherry casework, coupled with chocolate-stained woodblock flooring, create a lavish ambiance that is elegantly accentuated by the interplay of natural light filtering through the front façade. The outcome is a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic dining club, an homage befitting the restaurant’s location on the periphery of Beverly Hills’ illustrious Golden Triangle.

The exterior design meticulously composes an understated yet captivating façade. An elegantly proportioned exterior canopy, thoughtfully integrated custom-designed steel windows, and artful brick planter boxes harmonize to craft a graceful experience that caters to both pedestrians and diners. Distinguished by a bespoke black steel framed window system, this feature provides an additional layer of architectural detail, further resonating with the intimate scale of the pedestrian-focused façade.




 “A polished take on straight-ahead American fare”

–  Los Angeles Times





“The South Beverly Grill offers good ingredients simply prepared, and the woodsy interior with its exposed steel columns and textured brick wall evokes the solid quality and value of the menu.”

–  Form






Location: Beverly Hills,  California

Size: 5,000 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Scott Walter

Landscape Designer: Sean Femrite

Interior Design: Brad Dunning


2011 City of Beverly Hills Award for Architectural Design

2011 Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Awards, Restaurant Category

2010 AIA|LA Restaurant Design Award, Best Restaurant