Project Desciption

Nestled within the charming Larchmont Village of Los Angeles, Vernetti emerges as a captivating neighborhood eatery, where the essence of classic and contemporary Italian cuisine converge. Drawing inspiration from a rich heritage of Italian-American culinary traditions spanning a century, Assembledge+ embarked on a collaborative journey with the restaurant owners to re-envision and enlarge the space, infusing it with a sleeker, more contemporary allure.

Inside, a purposeful open wall configuration artfully divides the bar and dining areas, maintaining a seamless visual connection. Elevating the ambiance, the interior elements are thoughtfully curated from diverse artisans and craftsmen, collectively orchestrating a rejuvenated European bistro atmosphere. Locally sourced reclaimed wood forms the foundation of the tables and bar top, exuding authenticity and character. Brass accents embellish the hardware and light fixtures, lending a touch of understated elegance. Expansive starphire glass storefronts and strategically positioned interior mirrors capture the essence of Larchmont Boulevard, ushering in ample sunshine and accentuating the interior intricacies.

The restaurant accommodates 45 guests within this inviting atmosphere, enveloping them in a warm and welcoming embrace synonymous with comfort and ease.



Assembledge, Vernetti, Restaurant Design, Los Angeles



” A charming Italian gem”

–  Eater






Assembledge, Vernetti, Restaurant Design, Los Angeles


Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 1,361 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Gregory Marin

Photography: Laure Joliet