gNet Headquarters

Project Desciption

Driven by strategic vision and content-centric approach, gNet, a dynamic creative agency and production studio, engaged Assembledge+ to orchestrate the expansion of their operations to a new headquarters nestled in the vibrant Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Encompassing one and a half floors within the illustrious Miracle Mile Tower, the office’s design is an embodiment of the agency’s mission. With a resolute focus on versatility, the space aims to cultivate an environment that mirrors the agency’s core values — one that encourages an open, transparent work culture, nurturing the seeds of creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Structured around the captivating vistas of three primary landmarks visible from the suite — downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood Hills, and the Pacific Ocean — communal spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms are arrayed along the perimeter of the building. This deliberate arrangement maximizes exposure to panoramic views and harnesses abundant natural light. With an emphasis on preserving acoustic privacy, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors infuse the interiors with daylight, generating an effervescent ambiance while ensuring accessibility to the remarkable vistas.

The design harmoniously integrates existing polished concrete floors and an exposed ceiling, anchoring the aesthetics with a subdued palette of natural birch and charcoal. This cohesive motif serves as a thread that weaves through the entirety of the space. The strategic infusion of color in shared areas pays homage to the landmarks and unique perspectives that characterize distinct segments within the building.







Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 18,000 sf (2 floors)

Design Team: David Thompson, AIA, (Principal-in-Charge), Scott Nusinow, AIA

Photography: Yoshihiro Makino