AETHER Apparel Headquarters

Project Desciption

Inspired by the aspiration for both men’s and women’s collections that seamlessly bridge city life and outdoor adventures, AETHER’s product line embodies a harmonious blend of form and function. Seeking to capture this essence, AETHER Apparel collaborated with Assembledge+ to reinvigorate an existing 1953 bow truss building, crafting a new and vibrant headquarters that mirrors the brand’s core ethos and fosters a workspace characterized by transparency and creativity.

The design solution centered around honoring the building’s original essence. This was achieved by reimagining the space to encourage a communal and adaptable environment, thoughtfully sectioned into workstations, a dynamic design studio, shared spaces, and a conference room thoughtfully integrated with a showroom.

The southern concrete façade welcomes abundant natural light through expansive window openings, contributing to an inviting and spacious atmosphere. The project’s aesthetic embodies clean lines, predominantly white interiors enriched with wooden accents, and the allure of exposed warehouse elements, collectively crafting an open, airy office exuding a modern sensibility that nurtures seamless communication.

Reflecting their deep environmental commitment, the client prioritized eco-consciousness, driving the space to embrace sustainability. A cutting-edge cooled roof, formed from foam, serves a dual purpose by exposing the wooden structure and decking while reflecting 80% of the sun’s rays. Outside, a canopy composed entirely of solar panels offers respite from the sun’s rays and channels solar energy to power the entire office while redirecting an impressive 30% surplus back into the grid.




“Apparel headquarters that has an eco-conscious design”

–  Inhabitat




“The design not only offers passive energy savings, but reflects the company’s central design philosophy of mirroring the outdoors in daily life”

–  Inhabitat





“Wood details add contrast while relying on natural materials within the space”

–  Inhabitat




Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 9,506 sf

Project Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Jennifer Rios

Interior Design: Alison West

Photography: Yoshi Makino


2012 Gold Nugget Awards, Rehab Commercial/Industrial Project, Merit Award

2012 Remodeling Design Awards, Commercial Remodeling, Merit Award