AETHER Apparel

Project Desciption

Born from the aspiration to craft a collection seamlessly fitting into urban life while withstanding the demands of the outdoors, AETHER Apparel collaborated with Assembledge+ to conceive their flagship store. This store embodies the brand’s commitment to curate a comprehensive lifestyle assortment catering to design-conscious, cosmopolitan individuals with a penchant for exploration.

Positioned within the vibrant hub of Los Angeles’ La Brea design district, the retail space occupies an expansive 4,000 square-foot industrial expanse. Two generously proportioned glass garage doors open onto the sidewalk, facilitating engaging interactions with passersby while welcoming abundant natural light and refreshing breezes into the space.

Stepping within, the store unveils a unique fusion of design and utility. A standout feature is the walk-in freezer designated for prospective gear testing, elegantly encased within a bespoke 13-by-13-foot wooden cabana. Adding to the dynamic arrangement, 45 modular wooden crates serve as versatile elements, capable of being shifted and reconfigured to lend the space a fresh ambiance on a monthly or seasonal basis. The interior layout is defined by a contrasting threshold of white and black, partitioning the open expanse. This design choice simultaneously pays homage to the brand’s inherent duality — a blend of classic and contemporary for the city, coupled with a strong emphasis on functionality and practicality for outdoor pursuits.




“Urban wilds or great outdoors, Aether aims to be out and about”

–  Los Angeles Times





“From traveling the country in a cool Airstream to building boutiques out of shipping containers, LA-based label Aether knows how to stimulate the shopping senses of stylish adventure-goers”

–   Racked




Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 4,000 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Cesar Quinones

Interior Design: Thierry Gaugain

Photography: Yoshi Makino