Deschutes River Airfield

The Deschutes River Airfield is an 8,600 sf facility, located in eastern Oregon. The overarching project entails the development of 150 acres situated in the semi-arid lands east of the Tualatin Mountains.

Divided into two phases, the first phase involves the development of a hangar composed of corten steel and contrasting light wood siding. In addition to the requisite support space for flight planning and airplane maintenance, the hangar provides a residential space and amenities for the owners and pilots including a lounge, office, and kitchen.

The second phase calls for additional property development entailing a primary residence, guest house, and additional flight support facilities.

Project Description


Location: Bend, Oregon

Size: 8,600 sf

Design Team: David Thompson (Principal-in-Charge), Richard Thompson, Ignacio Bruni